Top 10 Most Common Septic Tank Problems

Do you notice a few unpleasant whiffs or nasty things bubbling up in the garden? Your toilet doesn’t flush properly? Then there might be some problems with your septic tank. If you know exactly what happens to this area, it is much simpler to find out the right solution. But before anything else, make sure that septic cleaning Atlanta GA is in a regular process. With that in mind, here are some of the most common issues that you often see in a septic tank.

Top 10 septic tank issues

1. Ground movements

The ground around a septic tank might shift slightly without any noticeable signs. This will eventually place a significant amount of pressure on this area and lead to cracks or fractures on the walls. Over time, you might notice the septic tank backs up and needs to be emptied more frequently. Also, when groundwater gets into the tank via these cracks, it would prevent the tank from separating the waste.

2. Tree root damages

Do you know that roots from shrubs and trees can grow through the walls of the pipes and septic tank? Indeed, these elements can cause many issues as groundwater can lead into the tank and leak nasty stuff from the inside of the tank. As a result, the whole system can stop working as usual and produce an annoying mess in the surrounding area.

3. Vehicle damages

In the countryside, most components of the septic tanks are often installed within the neighboring farmland. Thus, farm vehicles like tractors might drive over their top and cause serious damages.

4. Collapsed baffle

A baffle is simply a barrier in the septic tank that helps to stop any nasty stuff from coming out of the soakaway area. When this component gets collapsed, every liquid waste can get out when you flush down the loo.

5. Damage in the dip pipes

Also know as T-pipes, dip pipes exist to make sure that only the right kind of waste can exit into the outlet pipe or soak away system from a septic tank. It serves a quite similar function as the baffle mentioned above. Thus, a damage in the dip pipes can result in some unexpected issues as said earlier. If there are some damages, ask for a  help, check here to look for a professional septic company.

6. Hydrostatic pressure

It is quite hard to know that the amount of water under the ground would be so high that it might put a great pressure on your septic tank. In some cases, this hydrostatic pressure could cause the whole system to pop out from the ground.

7. Aged septic tank

Though a septic tank can last for decades, it won’t work well and efficiently as a new system. Over time, the walls and pipes can get cracked, which lead to some issues for the homeowner.

8. Lack of maintenance

It is really important to empty a septic tank often. Otherwise, the waste can fill up the pipes and place a great pressure that can break these part.

9. Incorrect installation

Many people choose to install a septic tank on their own, and this can result in some potential issues. For example, the soak away would be too small for the house, or the system does not comply with the legislation.

10. Changes in the ground condition

After the drainage system is installed, the conditions of the ground can change over time. As a result, the ground might get more saturated with plenty of groundwater. This means that the soakaway which had been placed before might not be able to work correctly anymore.